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Amy Baker

My fave was A because the images related to the music and purpose. They were also very powerful and stuck in my mind.

Miss Stow

Its so good to read all your comments about each of the films......can't wait to hear the recordings properly and see the photos of Friday. You were all fantastic and very proud of you all


i am voting for b

beth redman

i like D the best!!!!!!

beth redman

i like d the best hope my team wins !!!!

James redman

i liked d because it explained how africa was then



Grace Outram


Amy Mcseveny

i vote for D i think it best.

Joshua Lee Mellor

I like A the best because it has briliant picture, great sounds and fits the song realy good.This piece was the best to me

Callum Belk-Sumpton

I liked a because it went well with the picture

Charley Nelhams

i vote 4 video c because it got the message of how unfairly blacks were treated across really well

Amy Holroyd

I think D is the best but all r really gud

Amy Cole

I think C is the best video.

hannah flan

I voted for B!!!!!!whoo

Emma Griffiths

I vote for D, but it was hard to choose. They were all good.

Ellie Sutcliffe

I think that A is the best it really makes you think about how lucky we are and how badly the blacks were treat!! I voted A because it was the best video and told you a very emotional story! I'm in Romeo so fingers crossed its theres! x


i think d is the best


D is awesome

emily metcalfe

hiyaa i like b the best it shows different colours

Dominic Leonard

I vote for A, it's the only one that syncs to the music, and the pictures fit to the lyrics.

And the picture with the ducks is just beyond cute.

charlie hayes

the best was b


I vote for d

Efan Johnson

I vote D because it tells a story

Efan Johnson

I vote D

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