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D Daykin

how do you listen to them?

Ben   Pallister

My vote is for video D.

D Daykin

Ben, how did you listen to them?

Emily Outram

I think D is the best!

Jack Harrison.

i like A because there were some great pictures like the man chaned
up plus the message was great and i think it links great with international week.THE chaned up man showed and made you realise
how bad it was in south africa and how people were treated other
a silly thing.I also liked the old film style.

Alanis Miller

I vote C, it was apsoloutley amazing, it really told a story.


To watch them if you get a pop up blocker at the top allow it to run as it is a Media Player add on and won't harm your PC.

Enjoy HB

charlotte johnson

i think that b is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My vote is D


i vote for d because it really told the story.

lauren evans

sorry guys posted the wrong name i vote d because it really told the story of nelson mandela

D Daykin

Well I cant' vote for mine (B) so I will go for A as it was a mixture of different things...

Leah Carter

I like C the best. I hope it is Oscar. I like it because it puts you in a coloured persons shoes. It makes you glad that you were not a coloured person in South Africa. It makes you happy that Nelson Mandela won the battle over equality.

C Oldroyd

I vote for B!! Thiss is aa rely gud video to show the different lyrics int he song!!! Itt is realy good¬ .....I hope i have choosen YANKEE!! Good luck Yankee!!!! x

Ellie Mae Oldroyd

I like D because I think that all the pictures and tones go together! And i just think that D is the best!!! XxX Lovvyyahhh DELTA~!! Hope you win!! Good Luck! xx

paran banning

i vote for d because is shows the story of mandela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i hope delta win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i vote a because its the only one i could watch

connor scott

I vote for A (although they all have the same meening) because its got good pictures in and because the pictures go with the song, they also make you realise how unfairly black people were treated and sometimes still are!

olivia halliday

I think c is the best because it really tells a story !!!!!

Keeley-Ann Cobb

I vote for Video A


d is realy good

leah jennings (*hi*)

I cant watch any so mmm ... i will choose *ip dip doo doo cat got floo doo i choose mmm... D??? :| |: hope erm my house team wins *which is my house ?*

Jay Fotheringham

I vote for video A because it really shows how unfairly the black people treated

angel hart

i vote for d its a well good song


I think that D is the best.

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