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cool :L >:D


Haha i did not come on this site for hwk i came on for this song. Is a very good song and it worked


haha i know it really well now ...


lololol this song its gud but kinda sad ahwell sheeps go bah


Songs in my head lol x (:

courkie holmes xxxxxxx

this song is so cool! when we had to sing it in assembley it sounded so good when they played the recording back to us! there was this one person who kept singing louder than everyone else and you could here them really well over everyone else on the playback of the recording! you know what they should do ? put all the recordings onto the blog and let people vote for their fave but dont put the names of the groups on so they dont know which is which lol x like those videos we had to vote for i voted for A because that was the only one it would let me watch haha ! GO OSCAR ~ HOPE WE WIN XXXX

paige robinson

I think c is the best because it is really good!

Daynaaa x

this song is the best because the pics fit with the music :D

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