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September 24, 2008


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triple og big k!!!!!!!!!

this is a really touching piece of work and my good friend joe said it really touched his heart.


well done a very descriptive piece of work

however i think you could improve possibwy on your pwonounciation and you need a huge vawiety of supwerb connective but other than that well done


This is good. You should put some more opnions in to make it better

joe field

i found it a very good read you used alot of connectives and opinions it was my favourite peice of work good work very nice

jayde w

very good piece of work explains alot, can't see any need for improvement

L i z z i e _ J a c k s o n . x

Very Good Nick, Good connectives etc.
But i think should include more opinions.

L i z z i e =)


Louis Smith

this is good Nick..... too good lol very discriptive high level connectives used by the looks of it .... Free simley lol =)

matthew cross

well nick this is some very good work and it is very disrciptive

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