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May 12, 2008


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Sarah Hoyle

I think she is crying because she does not get acknowledge for the things that she does for the man that she lives with, and all the time that she spends doing those things. I believe that she wishes that he would just speak to her so that she knows that he notices she is there.

Mrs Crossley

Does it say anywhere in the poem that they are husband and wife?
Could this be a poor, tired mother running around after her teenage lad?


I think that she is crying because she feels that she is being used by the man in the video, I think that she is getting fed up because she does all this work for him and doesn't even get thanked !!!!!!!!!

Rob Wood

i think that she cries because he uses her as a free bed and breakfast maid. He stays at the house at night and eats breakfast in the morning. He doesnt even talk to her =( oooh deary me =(


Beki Smith

She cries because he doesn't seem to acknowledge she is there, he seems to just use her for coffee on a morning.

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