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May 12, 2008


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Rebekah lowe

i think the woman is crying because of something personal and now her husband is ignoring her and she feels alone i also think some thing is happening to the husband because he is been soo quiet

CoNnOr SuTcLiFfE

I think the lady is crying because, something has happened in her personal life, and her husband is ignoring her and not paying attention to her.

Josh Bellwood

she is crying because her husband is ignoring her.

Larysa Portrey

She is crying because everything has got on top of her.Plus Her 'husband' is ignoring her so she is upset.She is running round after her children maybe.She is tired and wants a break.She doesn't get thanked for what she does aswell as been noticed she is actually there.


i think she is crying because her marriage is breaking up, and she is upset that her husband isnt talking to her.


i think that the woman is crying because her husband is ignoring her and they arn't talking at all.

Kirstie Whittimore

I think that the women is upset because her marriage isn't going well and she suspects that her husband is having an affair because he never talks to her.


i think she is crying because her husband doesnt seem to like her no more and is not speaking to her.

Sophie Robson

I think the women is crying because her and her boyfriend have had an argument.


i think she is crying because she does so many things for her husband but he doesnt seem to acknoledge her and she gets very upset as he dont thank her and just ignore her =(

Michael Parker

I think its a woman who sees a lonely man in a cafe and cries because she is sad for him because she isnt lonely and the man could have nowhere to go on a night whereas she does

Mme Crossley

Politeness? How about noticing that she is alive?

Jonathan Steel

She is crying because she gave him a lovely breakfast and he walked out of the house without saying anything and she is a bit extreme about politeness.


She is crying because she's being used by the man. She is getting fed up because she does all this work for him and he totally blanks her.


Laura Simpson

i think that she is crying because he doesn't seem to love her anymore but just ignores her all the time. this probably upsets her because they appear to have been in love before.

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